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Piedra de Plata 70% Dark Chocolate -Manabi, Ecuador

Piedra de Plata 70% Dark Chocolate -Manabi, Ecuador

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2021 Harvest

All organic ingredients - Single Estate - Direct Trade - Bean to bar

Provenance: Cantón Bolívar - Manabí, Ecuador

Piedra de Plata is a provenance that has captivated the luxury chocolate market with a manufacturer charging as much as $450.00 for a bar of chocolate made with cocoa beans from that area. We were able to obtain cocoa beans from a cousin from that same area and made some truly outstanding  bars.  

A very unique origin, this bar that will get your attention at first bite! Extra long conching process to give you a silky, long lasting mouthfeel.

Our tasting Notes:

The aged cacao beans (from the ‘21 harvest) have lost any acidity they might have had and render a sumptuous dark chocolate experience. 

Aromas: Sweet banana, cloves and cinnamon.

Flavors: At first melt, delightful, graham cracker and fudge like flavors greet you, opening up to little to none bitterness that turns into rich chocolatey flavors with dried berries notes. 

Finish: Honey, caramel and lightly nutty notes.

Ingredients: Cacao Nacional beans, cocoa butter and cane sugar.

Healthy, Nutritious and out of this world delicious!

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