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Bisiesto Criollo -Matagalpa - Nicaragua 80% Dark Chocolate

Bisiesto Criollo -Matagalpa - Nicaragua 80% Dark Chocolate

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2022 Harvest

Provenance: Matagalpa - Nicaragua  50 grams.

NOTE: This is the 80% cacao version of our Bisiesto bars. 

Where the 70% is a bit sweeter, the 10% difference in this bar delves even deeper into the fine cacao origin. For cacao origin aficionados like ourselves, this is a memorable bar with a profound taste that will have you reaching for a noble tea or a fine whisky to pair it with. 

A hard-to-get cacao origin that we were very fortunate to get.

Our tasting notes: Dried red fruits on the initial taste with a subtle herbal and lightly nutty melt. Deep fudge after taste with light herbal notes remaining. 

Ingredients in this chocolate bar: Criollo and Trinitario cacao beans, organic cane sugar and cacao butter.

Healthy, Nutritious and out of this world delicious!

About the main ingredient, cacao!

Cacao Bisiesto is a boutique cacao company founded on leap year (bisiesto) day, February 29, and based in La Dalia, Nicaragua.

With years of professional experience in agronomy, ecotourism, coffee, and cacao, Cacao Bisiesto founders José Enrique Herrera and Gifford Laube have developed respectful relationships with local cacao growers by offering higher than world-market prices for their crops assisting in making cacao a primary product on their farms teaching tree management.

Cacao Bisiesto supplies the critically important steps of rigorously supervised fermentation and drying to remove acidity and bitterness and supply richness and body to the final product.

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